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Best Independence Day Speech in English, Happy Independence Day 2020 Speech

Hello readers, we welcome you again on our website. Here, we have come up with our latest post for 15th August 2020. I hope this Independence Day 2020 will bring you all another freedom. Freedom from the deadly ongoing COVID-19. I wish you all a very Happy Indian Independence Day 2020.

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Independence Day Speech in English, Happy Independence Day 2020 Speech in English

Independence Day Speech in English


15 August Independence Day speech in English, Independence Day 2020 Speech in English:

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1. Independence Day Speech in English:

Wish you all the Happy 74th Independence Day! We celebrate this auspicious day on 15th August every year. Independence Day is celebrated all over the country as the national festival. Independence Day is celebrated as a remembrance of freedom, as we got our Hindostan back. We got the freedom from the Britishers, the colonial rule to our own independent country. India got this freedom with much hardship, strategies, movements and unity.

India celebrates this day with much love, respect, and power. The day we are born in India we been blessed with the country which is known for its religion, traditions, and culture. The day we started loving the “mitti” of our Matra Bhoomi. We love our land like our mother, we call her Bharat Mata.

The Independence Day celebration preparation starts with August Day 1. The Indian start preparing for Flag hoisting, parades, dance, songs, plays and the system to make this day as glorified as was on 15 August 1947 every year. The celebration gets started by the political leader of India, The Prime Minister, hoists the tricolour flag at Red Fort of India. The flag is a modified version of the Swaraj flag of India. This tricolour flag became the flag of India on the same day we celebrate Independence Day of India. This rectangular tricolour flag with an Ashok chakra in the middle of the flag is known as Tiranga.

Tiranga means three colours saffron, white, green with blue Ashok chakra where saffron means for renunciation, white means for light, the path of truth, green means attached to the soil of India, to the plants, the blue Ashok chakra with 24 spoke wheel means dharma. The prime minister unfurled the flag which been followed by the parade.

The celebration continues the same all over the country. In the government offices, the head hoists the flag, followed by National anthem Jana Gana Mana, parade or celebration begins with dance or song performances, distribution of sweets and enjoying the day with patriotism, a celebration to our freedom. This is way not only government offices celebrates, the non-Government offices, institutions, colleges, schools, each and every place celebrates this day with much appreciation and patriotism.

In India it’s not the festival which only a few people are celebrating, it’s across all the villages, towns, cities, states, means every Indian celebrates with the feeling of patriotism. Every citizen of India celebrates this day with the same patriotism as infants to children to adults to the older one. We paint the faces of infants with the tricolour flag or the map of India or writing Jai Hind, Jai Bharat, Happy Independence Day. The children dances and sings a song in their school, colonies in the celebration of Independence Day.

The adults make this day more patriotic by playing patriotic songs, movies on the freedom fighters or the history of Independence. The older or the people from those days tell us the historical win, the situation of those days and much about Independence Day. So this festival is not only the festival of people of Government or non-Government offices, it’s the festival of each citizen of India. Indians have that patriotic feeling on this day, as they know the real meaning of this freedom. Each and every Indian celebrates this Independence festival with more enthusiasm and respect.

Briefing this with the same respect we give to each freedom fighter, salute to our Indian forces, and loving India as our Matra Bhoomi. This Independence I just ask all the Indians who celebrates every Independence day with this enthusiasm, to save India once again from the ongoing situations. India is facing much because of Corona Virus, we know many lost the loved ones, many are suffering, many are in a big loss, and everyone is scared of this Mahamaari.

This Independence Day, celebrate the Independence of India free from the Videshi products, show your love more towards the product of India. Go vocal go local, so that citizen of India can have better with a tag of Swadeshi on it. Another thing which I ask each Indian to please celebrate the Independence day of India on your verandas, have distance, don’t get this celebration of Independence Day become the invitation to Coronavirus. We Indians have to stop the Co-Rona where I mean Corona ka Rona. Stop COVID-19 virus to infect us or our loved once. Stay safe. Go vocal for Local. Jai Bharat. Jai Hind. 🇮🇳

2. Independence Day Speech in English, Happy Independence Day 2020 Speech:


Independence Day Speech in English, Happy Independence Day 2020 Speech

Independence Day Speech in English | Happy Independence Day

Independence Day Speech in English


India celebrates its birthday on 15th August. It seems meaningless, but it’s true, India is ruled by Britishers and had lost its culture and tradition below English and white people. Our own land celebration of Bharat Mata is celebrated on 15th August annually. Bharat Mata got its sovereign on the same day in the year 1947. This freedom took years and blood of the nation. Many freedom fighters got Shaheed to save the nation. The hardship and movements had paid us the freedom of the nation to be known as an Independent Nation of its own values.

The day Jawahar Lal Nehru hoisted our tricolor in the open sky, he too acknowledged us with his words. Words of victory say: A new day has arrived leaving the old one, a new Sunray we can see under our own sky, many movements took place when all were sleeping and the Kranti Veer built the nation independent. From the same day, we are celebrating the same freedom history every year in the remembrance of those freedom fighters, movements, and Independence of India.

The day when we came from the long-suppressed is celebrated all over India with the same enthusiasm. It’s the festival of Nation where we talk about Nations Heritage, Prosperity, future, laws, and history. Today we have perks of Independence as everyone on the planet wants it’s Independence.

India was well known for Sone ki Chidiya but at the time of colonial rule, we Indians were in a cage and ruled for every single thing by the Britishers. The religions, customs, culture, traditions were all faded due to the ruling of the Britishers and empowering their own laws, rules, and culture. The freedom fighters have showered the blood to give us this Independent Bharat.

We are proud to get back our countries fundamental rights with the land which is ruled by the Britishers. The land which is been worshipped by us, as the land to give us birth and livings. We worship our land as the mother and say motherland. We sloganeer to praise our land with Bharat Mata ki Jai. This slogan gives us the vibe of Independence, our Bharat, our motherland.

The struggle of freedom fighters was not for year or decade, it’s was this longer 1857 to 1947. In the early days of the 17th century, Britishers entered as the East India company and started ruling through it. The very first movement took place in 1857 and continues till the day we got Independence. Some fought till their last breath, many been prisoned, more like Bhagat Singh Hanged in their early ages sentenced to death, few like Gandhiji and Netaji taught India the secret of Non-violence. The great freedom fighters had many strategies and protocols to get the nation’s dignity and rights back.

We got this freedom with much hardship in many years. We should always be reliable to the freedom fighters to get the servient heritage. We should respect all the rights of the Indian constitution. We should love our country. We the people of India can only make the India one from the Developed Countries.

We are developing day by day. Today, we should take an oath, to build our country a developed country. The oath of educating every single child of India. The oath to go vocal for local. The oath to build a county corruption-free. The oath to protect our country. The oath to promise ourselves to do our efforts before looking into other’s ground. If I say in Hindi “Thora Thora sa Sabka Sahyog, badhaega Bharat ko Unnati ki orr..

Once again, a very Happy Independence Day 2020 to all of you.

Salute to all the Freedom Fighters and Indian forces. Jai Hind. Jai Bharat. Vande Matram.

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3. 15 August Independence Day Speech 3, Happy Independence Day 2020 Speech:

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Independence Day Speech in English

Independence Day Speech in English, Happy Independence Day 2020 Speech

Independence Day Speech in English

Happy Independence Day 2020 Speech in English


A ‘No’ uttered from deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse to avoid trouble. By this given quote of our father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi.

Today we are celebrating Independence Day, A very pleasant and virtuous morning to all of you, why virtuous… It’s because we are celebrating our Independence Day as National Festival, so this is likely a virtuous thing to all of us.

Today we are gathered here to celebrate this day 15th august auspicious occasion of Independence Day. The day when we got freedom of India from the colonial rule of British Crown because of hard efforts and struggles by the great Indian Freedom Fighters when more like The Mangal Pandey to The Bhagat Singh lost their lives for their motherland.

As we all know that India got Independence on 15th August 1947 from British Rule. After the Independence from colonial rule, we finally gained our fundamental rights for our own nation. After the Independence, Jawahar Lal Nehru was chosen as the first Prime minister of India. After his pledge, he unfurled our tricolor flag at the red fort in Delhi which is our National Capital. This day onwards, every year we celebrate Independence Day of India and The Prime Minister of India hoist the Flag Red fort Delhi annually on 15th August.

Independence Day plays an important part as it sparkles the spirit of patriotism in youth, children, and adults too. As the youth of our country has the power to change the nation by means, someone rightly said that the future hangs on to the young generation. One of the main motives for celebrating Independence Day is to make the young geney aware of the sacrifices, the freedom fighters went through to make the country a better and glorified place for them.

Today, while the country is celebrating the festival of Independence Day, people in several parts of India facing a deadly disease impact. Many have lost their dear ones due to this pandemic and severals are scared to lose hope.I express my condolence to them.

In the last, I pay my respect to those who gave up their lives, who spent their youth in prison, struggled to win our country during colonial rule, who embraced the gallons, who insisted on the spirit of non-violence through Satyagraha for the freedom of our country India.

Today, I also salute the people who have contributed to fulfilling the hope and aspirations of the people. Special thanks to our Army men. Soldiers who still are contributing their lives as the boundaries of India. Dear friends, let us move ahead to build a new India keeping their ideas and resolves in mind.

Fulfilling our new responsibilities with new confidence and new resolutions to built growing India. I once again now to everyone who sacrificed their lives for our Freedom, who fought bravely and died for the motherland India.

Happy Independence Day 2020

Jai Hind. Jai Bharat🇮🇳

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Independence Day Speech in English, Most trending Independence Day Speech 2020 in English:


Independence Day Speech in English, Happy Independence Day 2020 Speech

Independence Day 2020 Speech in English

Independence Day Speech in English


Last for this post but the best of all. This Independence Day Speech in English is written in a very unique and elegant style. The below provided Independence Day Speech in English took much time to write as it is the most researched and unique Independence Day 2020 Speech in English ever in the market.

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4. Happy Independence Day 2020 Speech in English, Independence Day Speech in English:

Wishing you all the Happy 74th Independence Day.
Clappings.. right!
Do we really know about what we are clapping? What actually we are celebrating? A Holiday or a Patriotic Special Day of India or a day to remember all the freedom fighters.

Mmm.. Independence Day sounds weighting a lot, weighting like we even can’t lift it. It’s not because we really don’t know it’s importance, value, freedom. No! Actually we are smooth from ages not letting ourselves know The Importance, The Values, The freedom. Yes! We just know this is one day from the national festivals of India.

















Today we are celebrating the auspicious day of India, 15 August 1947, we got the independence from Gore, ugh, Britishers ruled us, suffered us and much more India was not Hindostan… India was not flying high as it’s known for ‘Sone ki Chidiya’ but after many sacrifices, struggles, unity, plans, hardship we are A independent Nation! A nation is known for its culture, religions, sacraments, Ornaments, costumes, love, belief, tradition, one from the oldest civilization, India is rich and unique in its own way!

But the question remains the same again. Are we celebrating Independent Day as a Birthday of ours, blowing the candles every year and passing ages like passes thousands of months, days, hours, minutes, seconds not resembling the significance of Independent India?

I am not asking you to learn history daily, nor it means to go and join forces, neither to salute only on the national festivals. Independence, Independent India, Freedom, we should know liberal India, again I don’t mean, guys of age 18 saying, I am Independent to their parents. People fighting for their invalid demands. Ruining Indian cultures and traditions. Discrimination between genders. Coercivity for work, demands, and even though people.

This 74th independence, glow the fireflies in dying lights of Independence to celebrate this Independence of India, with a promise to ourselves, to serve India in following nuclear ways!

Helper Hands: Be the helping hand to the one who needs your time, little money, motivation, light to be filled like, this “Mahaamari” COVID 19, made many people helpless, people helped and helping the one who needs food, who need the motivation to fight against it, filled us with many pieces of stuff to stay home as staying safe. We, the citizens of India can only make India glow like a star!

We couldn’t reach each and every person who needs the material to survive or to live a glorified life but we can reach to one’s we can see, the people crossing our paths could be helped. So promise to yourself this Independent day to give independence to the one who actually needs, we will maverick the person from starving, loss of hope, and obviously not able to find the way out of something.

Atmanirbhar: Respected PM Narendra Modi said Atmanirbhar India on 13 March live streaming, which could give the best economic system to India even from various people. Atmanirbhar India speaks to be 130crore people to do great on their own space, the free spirit of the people’s desire is fulfilled by the PM Modi. This word Atmanirbhar speaks much from the name! We should promise to ourselves, to go vocal for local, and to increase the demands of Made in India. The products of the Indian market will grow our country even will make India Independent from the Videshi market and make India Self Standing. Try to use the uttermost Products Made In India, to build a self-sustaining Independent India.

Rules: The protocols in the life is principal key to serve India in its own way. We should follow all the rules made by the government, even the schedule and structure we find for salient life. The government asks us to follow traffic rules, it’s for us, our family or the other family virtuous. The government asks to fill taxes it’s again for ours and country’s growth. The government ask to follow the Constitutional Laws of India, it gives everyone the right to speak and get justice.

During this COVID 19 we are giving respect to all the warriors serving us because they are not only performing their duties, they are helping us and making India dignified. The doctors have their own lives on risk to serve us, the police force potencies to make India stay at homes. We promise us to continue to increase this service to the police force (by staying at home), doctors (by taking all the precautions to stay safe?. Similarly, we should follow all the entente to some contribution to Independent India!

To sum up this, I would just say, we know history, we know the hardship to independent India from Britishers, the freedoms fighters have given us the Rights, Constitution, freedom, Humara Hindostaan but we should promise to make India glorified, dignified, improved, advanced, developed, refine India.

We, the people of India, the future of India takes Sapath! To give each contribution to serve India in its own way which makes India lightened and flickering. Happy Independence to all the one promised to themselves to serve India. Vande Mataram.

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